Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow..I'm actually writing!

I never blog on here anymore. Life is very busy and let's face it, I just really liked JS. Oh well. I must move on! lol The owner of the house that we're in has decided to sell because it's in foreclosure. They called and said that I could probably stay maybe 2-3 months and I instantly went into panic mode. All I could see, was me and the kids back at the shelter. I freaked out. I cried, and then I went into survival mode. The very next day, I found a nice, newer house for the kids and I. The new owner is more hands on and seems like a more honorable man to tell you the truth. My current landlord is already giving me a hard time about my deposit. It's okay. I will find the records. I let myself stay in fear for a little while before my sponsor brought me back to reality and made me realize that it's God's will and not mine. Everything falls into place just like it should when I stop fighting and being a control freak.

In other news...Lauren will be a junior this year and Phoenix is starting kindergarten. Orion just started pre-school. It's amazing just how fast they grow. Neither Lauren's father or the boy's father has shown any interest in knowing their children. It's really too bad. They don't know what they are missing. Lauren actually called her dad's house yesterday and her great-grandmother answered and hung up on her! I was furious, but in the end...she's probably better off. She doesn't need people in her life that aren't healthy. I just made sure that she was ok and understood that it wasn't anything that she was lacking. She's a great kid. Beautiful, smart, everyting you could ask for in a daughter. The boys are growing up to be awesome as well.

Once again, I'm going to leave it up to God's will. I'm just so grateful to have the privelage of having these wonderful children.

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