Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So many things...so little time

I attended the NA convention weekend before last. What an awesome experience to say the very least. There is something to be said about the power of being in a room of over 8000 recovering addicts all there for the same purpose. To carry the message. To care and love one another. It was absolutely amazing! Words cannot describe it! I had a great time!

In other news...I am dealing with the fact that I have a teenage daughter that has raging hormones. She recently came to to me and shared the news that she is no longer a virgin. A part of me was devestated, but a part of me was also honored by the fact that she felt enough trust in me to share that much of herself. I know that I would of never shared that experience with my mother at that age. I guess I'm doing something right. I've felt a lot of heart ache over this. The loss of her innocence. I know that this was a long time coming. I've talked to my support group and I've worked through the pain. I just want to be there for her and help her to make healthy, responsible decisions.

Today, my ethnic studies professor told me that he was nominating me for an award at school. It an award that has to do with scholastics as well as outside endeavors. He was impressed with my work in the recovery process. I am truly honored.

So much is happening. I have come so far in such a short time. I am just two courses away from completing my coursework for my major in Administration of Justice. I can't believe it! It seems just like yesterday when I started! :-)


  1. Sounds like a great experience, Cin. You're the best, and you know I mean that. Love the new profile picture. You are truly lovely, both inside and out. Pulling for you, as always.


  2. Ahhh, the teenage years. I am currently surviving ( one day at a time) a 13 year old and a 14 year old - both female. I so empathise. I believe you are highly honoured that she trusts you to tell you these milestones. Well done Mum. Maggs

  3. Make sure you get her on Birth control and have her vaccinated for warts and herpes...I think it is guardisil. Just saying...That is what my wife did with Kelly.

  4. We're thinking of vaccinating both girls with Gardisil too.

  5. Tim~ Thanks! You are still the sweetest man I know! :-)

    Maggs~ I feel ya! One day at a time...that's all we can do right?

    Bobby and Kate~ Yes it's already been done. I saw this coming a few months ago. I had to have realistic expectations about the whole situation. I know what I did at her age and I don't want her go through what I did.